I've been playing 40k since the tail end of second edition. It's been a constant source of fun and socialization for me, and it even kept me out of jail one night (long story). I have three armies right now: Black Templar Space Marines, Tzeentch Chaos Space Marines, and Tyranids. I used to play Necrons as well, but gave the army to someone who was trying to get into the hobby. The Templar are my most recent army, and therefore are the ones this page is going to focus on. I tend to go overboard with these armies, and I therefore have a backstory for a lot of things that probably don't need one.

Black Templar

I played Chaos for years and decided I needed a Loyalist army, so I went with the Black Templar. Despite the fact that they're my newest army, they're quickly becoming my favorite and are the one I am most proud of.

Thousand Sons

I started this army in the 7th grade. Unfortunately, due to a couple moving mishaps since then, almost none of it is original. Still, it was my first army and my introduction to Warhammer, and it will always a special place in my heart.


That's right, Titans. Due to how special these guys are, neither are finished and probably won't be for a while, because they have to be perfect. They're not a standalone army, but they're an extremely destructive addition to an existing force. I have Warhound no. 4162 and Warlord no. 342.


This is my fiancee's army, but I love it and want to show it off here. They say you should marry someone who shares your hobbies (or do they?), so I think I've found a keeper.